Here are some interesting and perhaps useful software tools and applications for the z/VM and Linux under z/VM environments, free for the taking. Unless otherwise noted, the software tools and applications are the property of their respective authors. Enjoy.
GENIPLER -- generate an IPL-able named saved system that includes CP commands to control how the named saved system IPLs itself. This version contains z/VM V4 and V5 updates by Chris Langford. The download file is: GENIPLER.VMARC.

SCHEDULE -- Simon Kharnas's package that schedules events to occur at specific dates and times in your virtual machine. Multiple events can be scheduled to occur once or at regular intervals (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). SCHEDULE executes as a nucleus extension and is driven by the Clock Comparator external interrupt, so you can perform normal CMS tasks while waiting for the scheduled events to occur. The download file is: SCHEDULE.VMARC.

WEBSHARE -- Rick Troth's HTTPD server for z/VM (CMS), written in Rexx and CMS Pipelines, version 1.2.4. WEBSHARE allows both text and binary files to be served out to web browsers very easily from CMS. The download file is: WEBSHARE.VMARC.

IPGATE -- is an application, developed by Stephen Record, Perry Ruiter, and Holger Woller, that allows the sharing APPC resources across VM systems without the need of SNA. The whole application is written in Rexx and uses MTREXX to create the threads. The code can be compiled with the latest PTFs applied to the Rexx compiler and the Rexx runtime library. IPGATE communicates through TCP/IP and sets up a separate session for each conversation. One conversation is needed per user and APPC resource pair. IPAGTE has been tested extensively with Shared File Pools (SFS) and the IBM Performance ToolKit (a.k.a. FCON/ESA). Remote sessions (SNA sessions through AVS) are also supported to and from IPGATE. This version also contains the updates to IPGATE made by Kris Buelens to support CMS Alternate User ID and VIPA. The download file is: IPGATE.VMARC

MAILABLE -- is a tool, developed by Phill Smith, III, that converts one or many files to/from a format suitable for sending in e-mail or FTPing as plaintext. MAILABLEs are self-extracting programs: rename a MAILABLE to filetype EXEC and invoke it -- it will tell you its contents and how to extract them. The download file is: MAILABLE.EXEC

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